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Company Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001.  

Scope of Certification: Design, manufacture and sales of electronic test accessories for a variety of industries. 

Certification Date: October 31, 2016. File # 1676923    CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION




Backprobe Set, P/N 8064R/B

Test probe makes easy connection without piercing insulation.


Test Connector 8064 Backprobe Set 


E-Z-FLEX TEST KIT, P/N 9099-0491

Complete set (16) of our E-Z-Flex pin and socket test adapters. All test adapters have a 0.080" socket in the rear which accept 0.080" pins. The other side of the adapter is either a gold plated pin or socket of the following sizes:  0.030", 0.040", 0.062" and 0.094" 


 9099-0491 E-Z-Flex Test Kit




WB6 and WB14 Wall Brackets are relaunched in a new color 
Our popular test and cable holder wall brackets are now made in black and available in two sizes. They are easily mounted to any wall or surface.






Insulation Piercing Harness Board Connector - P/N 8507
Insulation piercing connector designed for harness board applications. Accepts wire diameters up to .20” (5mm).  Wire can be inserted from multiple angles within the 180 degree opening. Spring tension of 7 pounds actuates product into open position. Product available with 4 different threaded studs and is offered in 10 colors.

Insulation Piercing Harness Board Connector, 8507 Line Up                        


Retractable Shrouded Stacking Banana Plug to Banana Plug Test Lead - P/N 9947
This new retractable shrouded stacking banana plug test lead jumper uses 18 awg, PVC insulated test lead wire. The product is CAT 2 rated to 600 VRMS. This banana plug jumper is available in Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White. Standard lead lengths are 6”, 12”, 24”, 36”, 48” and 60”.

Retractable Shrouded Stacking Banana Plug to Banana Plug Test Lead - P/N 9099-0429 (Green) Retractable Shrouded Stacking Banana Plug to Banana Plug Test Lead - P/N 9099-0429 (Red)

E-Z-Flex Test Lead Adapter P/N 9480
The 9480 is the newest addition to E-Z-Hook’s E-Z-Flex product line. It is a .080” (2mm) pin plug socket to a .051” diameter pin contact. With this addition the complete E-Z-Flex product offering is now available with either a pin plug or banana socket connection to pin contact options of .030”, .040”, .051”, .062” and .094”. In addition to a pin contact option the E-Z-Flex parts are also available with a .030”, .040”, .062” and .094”socket option. All E-Z-Flex parts are available in red and black. 

E-Z-Flex Test Lead Adapter P/N 9480


Uninsulated Rivet Style Banana Plug - P/N 0427
This rivet style banana plug was designed specifically to fulfill a client’s requirements to fit on a 1/16” thick panel.  The banana plug can be used for mounting on a printed circuit board. Custom banana plugs and sockets are available for large quantity or bulk orders. 

Uninsulated Rivet Style Banana Plug - P/N 0427


Panel Mounts accept standard and shrouded banana plugs
Single panel mounts P/N 9280 and P/N 9282 now accept both standard and shrouded banana plugs. They are available immediately in red and black. Both offer a turret terminal connection. 

9280, Banana Plug Binding Post with Turret Terminal9282, Banana Plug Binding Post with Keyed Insulators and Turret Terminal

                                                                     P/N 9280                                                                                  P/N 9282


New 9284 product launched with Price Reduction
We are pleased to offer a new 9284 E-Z-Hook manufactured part. It is available immediately in all 10 standard colors with industry aggresive pricing! As always we are doing our best to provide our customers with the best quality product at competitive prices. Watch for our new 9280 and 9282 parts that will be launching soon to accept shrouded banana plugs.



E-Z-Hook Introduces the XMR Micro-Hook
E-Z-Hook introduces our XMR micro-hook, the newest addition to our extensive test hook product line. An anti-rotational hook is just one of the features of this advanced new part. This new micro-hook features a narrow design that allows for multiple side by side hook-ups to delicate wire or components. A stronger, thicker and wider blade material is made to withstand high usage and provide positive, solid connections with each hook-up. The hook design ensures wire integrity and a hook bend of 180° provides a secure grasp of lead wire on both sides. A small wire exit hole on the plunger minimizes exposure of blade contact points and a stronger spring allows for a surer grip and longer lasting connection. The XMR hook is also available with factory installed leads.
Download ( PDF - 40kb)

XMR E-Z-Micro-Hook



E-Z-Hook Introduces the XB-2A Insulation-Piercing Wire Clamp
E-Z-Hook is pleased to announce our newest part, XB-2A. This dynamic insulation-piercing wire clamp features a thumb screw for positive contact and maximum stability. V-groove easily centers wire, and limited exposure of metal parts minimizes shorting. Wire does not need to be stripped for continuity testing. The XB needle cluster holds approximately 34 needles and is made of heat-treated steel. Needle housing is brass. Exterior housing is molded nylon and is available in black, red and yellow. The XB-2A is available with factory-installed leads only.
Download ( PDF - 55kb)

XB-2A Insulation-Piercing Wire Clamp

E-Z-Hook Introduces the Sliding Link Tag Out Device
E-Z-Hook's newest product available is our Sliding Link Tag Out Device used in the energy industry.
Download ( PDF - 1,309kb)

E-Z HOOK Catalog No. 69
E-Z-Hook is proud to announce the arrival of Catalog No. 69. Click to request your free copy or download immediately. ( PDF - 4,894kb)

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