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Product Overview

E-Z-Hook has been manufacturing electronic test accessories used for test and measurement purposes since 1956.  Our extensive product line and custom solution services are utilized by companies in multiple industry sectors. Our focus on quality, customer service and innovation is why leading firms have depended on E-Z-Hook components for over half a century.

E-Z-Hooks continued dedication to quality products is reflected in our manufacturing process which includes carefully engineered tooling, selected materials and proven product usefulness through field testing. E-Z-Hook products include the use of such materials as Beryllium Copper, Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, Gold or Nickel plating, and Nylon. Our products are designed to provide trouble-free service and field durability.

Test Hooks

Originator of the hypo-action hook, E-Z-Hook continues to expand its test hook line to meet industry demands. We provide answers to your micro, mini and macro connection requirements with precision and quality. Select from our extensive range of micro, mini and macro test hooks including single hook, double hook and insulation piercing options. E-Z-Hook manufactures a variety of styles, including hooks for high temperature and non-magnetic environments. Product assembly methods include one-piece, single insulated contact to assure accurate readings.

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Test Probes

E-Z-Hook provides test probes in numerous styles to meet industry demands and versatile testing requirements. The E-Z-Hook probe product line includes test leads, test prods, scope probes, oscilloscope probes, pin or needle tip probes, long handled styles, and even specialized probes for testing two points simultaneously with one hand.

Click to Enlarge | 31 Probe

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Test Leads

E-Z-Hook offers a vast selection of standard test lead and patch cord combinations including multimeter test probes & leads, jumper leads, test lead wire and more. By combining our flexible test lead wire with our extensive line of test connectors, clips, test hooks, test probes and adapters we are able to offer a comprehensive array of test leads and patch cords to fit automotive, industrial, electronic requirements, and much more! We offer hundreds of combinations beyond our catalog specifications and can easily customize lengths and connector ends to meet your specific application needs. 

Click to Enlarge | 9820 48in. Red & Black

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Connectors & Adapters 

 E-Z-Hook has a large selection of connectors and adapters to meet all your testing needs. Our line includes:

  • Banana plugs & jacks: variety of shrouded banana plugs, meter banana plugs, standard banana plugs, right angle banana plugs, mini banana plugs, banana plug cables, dual banana plug, banana sockets
  • Pin plugs: assortment of .080 pin plugs and .025 square pin connectors
  • Plug connectors & sockets   
  • Banana sockets & Pin sockets
  • Spade lugs & spade connectors
  • Alligator clips & Wire clamps: standard and mini alligator clips, insulation piercing clips, crocodile clips
  • Panel mounts: standard panel mounts and miniature panel mounts with turret terminal tips and binding post configurations, styles include banana socket panel mounts and .080 socket panel mounts. Single and double panel mount options. 
  • Panel mount sockets & panel mount connectors (male and female)
  • Wire harness connectors & terminals: wiring connectors, wire harness terminals, harness clamps
  • Quick disconnect wire connectors
  • Terminal clips, Ring adaptors and Ring terminals

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Coaxial Connectors

E-Z-Hook offers a broad selection of high quality coaxial connectors including BNC, N series, TNC, UHF, SMA and LOC adapters with various interfaces to allow connection from one style to another or connection to different types of coaxial cable.   Male to Male BNC, Female to Female BNC, BNC to coax, SMA to BNC connectors, and many more cable assemblies available. 

Click to Enlarge | Coaxial Connectors

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Coaxial Cable Assemblies

E-Z-Hook manufacturers a wide variety of test cables, cable assemblies and cable accessories. We can provide custom solutions to any cable assembly needs.  We specialize in coaxial cable assemblies that utilize BNC male and female connectors, double banana plugs, TNC, N series, UHF, SMA and LOC connectors. E-Z-Hook provides the industry with a variety of standard and custom cable assemblies, breakouts and between series cable assemblies.

Click to Enlarge | Cable Assembly

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Harness Board

E-Z-Hook offers a full line of nailclips, test terminals and harness board nails. E-Z-Nailclip test terminals and bread boarding kits are ideal for holding wire ends firmly in place. The simple fingertip operation makes connections hassle-free. Offering a variety of designs our nailclips provide efficient harness board construction and can be driven directly into wood like a nail or used in predrilled holes and breadboards. Harness board nails are available in various sizes, from 1.25" to 5" in length and with varying diameters.

Click to Enlarge | Harness Board

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Wire & Cable

E-Z-Hook offers multi-stranding flexible test lead wire, coaxial cable and ribbon cable. Test lead wire is provided in an array of gauges, insulations, and colors to meet the requirements of our customers. Our extensive line of coaxial cables accommodates the testing needs of our clients with the highest quality at affordable prices. Wire and cable is available in various length spools as well as pre-assembled into test leads and cable assemblies.

Click to Enlarge | Wire & Cable

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At E-Z-Hook we believe the best kit is one that has everything you need in it. That's why we work with our customers to create custom kits made up of components from our extensive product line. In addition we offer many standard kits that are industry or product specific. Some of our most popular kits are for harness board assembly and test lead and component kits for the automotive industry.

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For clients interested in making their own parts E-Z-Hook offers strain relief boots, Y-blocks, and color coding cable bands. We also manufacture two sizes of mountable wall brackets for test cables and test leads.

Click to Enlarge | WB 14 Wall Mounted Bracket

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