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  • Including aerospace, biotech, robotics, telecommunications, industrial applications and more.



Our entire standard product line is manufactured for connectivity testing purposes. Starting with a hypo action hook we have moved into macro and micro arenas servicing everything from large scale to micro technologies.

E-Z-Hook manufactures test leads and connectors utilized predominately for repair, testing and maintenance of power equipment, batteries and other devices. Select from our broad standard products or see some of our more customized industry specific solutions.

In the late 1980's E-Z-Hook entered the automotive industry with the insulation-piercing hook. Today we offer a wide variety of automotive specific test accessories, DMM test leads, sets, and kits. Parts are engineered with no sliding contacts to guarantee an accurate signal every time--even in the dirtiest, greasiest environments. For automotive applications we suggest silicone leads for their resistance to heat and chemicals.

E-Z-Hook sells many standard products into the government and defense industry both on a local and national level. Many of our parts and materials meet the specifications required by the military and other government bodies. Client specific custom solutions have been created leveraging our experience in the electronic field.

E-Z-Hook produces standard and custom test leads and cable assembles for use with medical and dental equipment. We have manufactured many of our standard hooks in high temperature resistant material to withstand the ongoing sterilization and autoclaving demands of the medical field.

For the past 30 years E-Z-Hook has been supplying hooks to the fly fishing industry utilized as fly tying tools. The intricate nature of tying a fly requires a secure delicate grip that our hooks provide. This represents one of our most unique industry solutions that proves the versatility of our product line.

Our products fulfill requirements in many other industries including aerospace, biotech, robotics, telecommunications and industrial applications. We welcome your inquires and hope we can help you solve your specific need with either a standard or custom solution.


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