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Industry Solutions



Medical Application


XB Needle Piercing Bomb Tactical Connector / EOD


automotive test accessories


We design and manufacturer many test and measurement components, interconnects and cable assemblies for use in the medical field. Whether the application is for neuromodulation, dentistry, cardiology, accupunture, labratories or for use with medical monitoring systems our test and measurment experience in the medical industry is extensive. For over 25 years we have been manufacturing and selling E-Z-Hook products for use with medical equipment and procedures. Our extensive offering includes design and development services, specialized inspection and packaging, as well as customized assemblies leveraging our standard product line.  






Many of our products have National Stock Numbers (NSN) associated with them for easy government sales. Since the early 1970's we have been manufacturing products specificially for government, military and tactical use. From research and development to in the field applications our test accessory products are made to support the application requirement. In 2005 we developed product specifically for explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) and bomb squad requirements. These test accessories kits, cables and components support instrument readings and equipment testing in critical and sensative applications. Cage code: 08505.

For close to 40 years we have serviced automotive repair technicians and shops with test lead sets, connectors and kits for use with Digital Multimeters (DMM). Our insulation piercing macro-hook test hooks and leads are made to be durable and maintain connectivity in the more rugged automotive field. As the industry becomes more digital our mini and micro electronic test leads and connectors are popular in automotive R & D and component testing.    






aerospace harness board/ EOD


Industiral technician test accessories


X2015 Micro Clip Grabber


Supporting test labratories and R & D requirements with our extensive line of test cables and connectors. Many of our product lines provide accessories required on a daily test basis as well as soluations for special projects. Specific aerospace customized products have been created for wire harnessing requirements in avionics as well as military and space applications.



Servicing the needs of entire technician and repair and maintenance departments we offer many test leads and kits designed for specialized, heavy duty use. For those in research and development or product protyping we can often help with our design and development services as

well as end product manufacturing and assembly. Over the years our standard parts have often been slightly modified to service everyone from train and railroad companies to manufacturers of elevators.

We started by servicing the electronic and electrical fields in 1956. That gives us over 60 years of experience developing and manufacturing mutliple product lines to service needs from simple test clips to complex cable assemblies. We have the solution for both micro or macro test environments. Our quality products have proven the test of time and we welcome working with clients on new product innovation. 






Energy battery tester, long handled probe


Fly Tying Accessories, clips


Telecom Test Leads


We solve connection problems in unexpected ways for natural gas, power systems, energy storage, new technology, nuclear power plants, UPS and battery pack companies. At E-Z-Hook we have manufactured kits for service repair technicians and mechanics to meet safety requirements. For another client a custom hook bend was designed to ensure solid contact in a power plant test environment. Sometimes our products have no current carrying capability, designed as a devices safety warning plug. Our long-handled probes were developed to provide technicians with a  safe testing method of accessing large and multi-row battery packs. We welcome each unique challenge. 



It started with fly fishing and then moved to beading and jewelry making enthusiasts. Our clips and test hooks have been found to be perfect tools for tying flies and holding string or wire as the smallest of beads or components are attached. From single products to multiple item kits we welcome the unexpected uses of our products.  

In early 2000 we moved aggressively into the telecom field providing custom solutions utizling our macro-hook test connectors and leads. If you require single hook-ups or extensive test leads and cable kits for your national service team we are happy to work with you to provide the perfect solution. From fused jumper kits to copper testing hooks we work with our clients to create the right test accessories that best fit their application.










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