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Custom is Standard at E-Z-Hook

In addition to standard parts, E-Z-Hook specializes in custom solutions for test and measurement problems. We design, develop and assemble a large variety of specialized parts and kits to meet our customers specifications and application requirements.


E-Z-Hook custom product capabilities include:


             Design & manufacturing 
             Non-standard lead & cable lengths 
             Special hook bends 
             Molding (client logo, name, or no name branding) 
             Product labeling (hot stamping, heat shrink labels) 


    Certain custom solutions do require minimum order quantities; however product customization features such as custom assemblies and non-standard lengths generally do not have a minimum order requirement. We look forward to working with you to find the perfect solution to your application need.



    Custom Design & Manufacturing:

    Client Industry: Government & Defense

    Requirements: The client had been using one-off modified solutions, many made with existing E-Z-Hook standard products. While the client applications varied the requirements called for a solution that ensured consistent and 100% accurate wire piercing across multiple gauges and insulation types. Due to the various application environments the client required limited metal exposure.

    Solution: E-Z-Hook met with the customer multiple times to understand their various application needs and environments. Utilizing the existing technology employed in our insulation piercing wire clamps (p/n 82-2) E-Z-Hook created a plastic molded piercing product with limited metal exposure and thumb screw secure wire piercing. This XB was assembled into various combinations of test leads and ultimately a lead kit made specifically for the client.

    XB Wire Piercing Clamp

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    Custom Logo and Branding:

    Client Industry: Electronics

    Requirements: Multiple clients have required custom labeling/logo on preexisting standard E-Z-Hook parts.

    Solution: E-Z-Hook has custom molded hundreds of thousands of parts with client requested name or logo, as well as no-name branding. While we can offer this on many standard products one of our most popular is the E-Z-Hook XKM. If required we can also provide custom color.

    Custom XKM Ribbon Cable

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    Custom Hook Bend & High Temp Solution:

    Client Industry: Dental /Medical

    Requirements: Client required a high temperature hook to allow for sterilization through autoclaving. The client also needed a specific hook dimension and tension. The hook had to be attached to client provided leads.

    Solution: E-Z-Hook leveraged design and tooling of standard X100W hook and molded it in high temperature resistant material. A custom tool was created to make the specific bend on the hook. E-Z-Hook leveraged their assembly expertise to strip and connect hooks to client provided leads.

    X100W Test Lead, Dental

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    Custom Cable Assembly:

    Client Industry: Medical

    Requirements: Client required a custom cable assembly to use with their proprietary machinery. The machine side connection was already predetermined, as were the wire requirements.

    Solution: E-Z-Hook created the initial prototype to meet the functional requirements and then manufactured the finished product assembly for the client. E-Z-Hook procured all non-standard items for the client.

    Custom Cable Assembly

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    Custom Hook Bend & Inspection:

    Client Industry: Medical

    Requirements: Customer needed a non-current conducting clip to hold onto a device for measurement purposes. The product required a special bend and spring tension to ensure that it would not slip once engaged on the pin type device.

    Solution: E-Z-Hook leveraged the standard X100W mold and utilizing custom blade material, designing a custom bend with a special spring tension. E-Z-Hook also implemented a custom assembly procedure which included a unique quality control process.

    Medical Test Hook

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    Custom Kit & Labelling:

    Client Industry: Electrical

    Requirement: Client needed a specialized test lead kit for their national maintenance and repair division. Each kit needed to be uniquely marked in a sequential order. The customers� requirements included special packaging and customized lengths.

    Solution: E-Z-Hook provided a customized kit utilizing standard E-Z-Hook test lead combinations. All test leads had heat shrink numbering bands which were consistent with each individual kits numbering scheme.

    Gator Kit

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    Custom Design & Manufacturing:

    Client Industry: Medical

    Requirements: A pre-existing client was seeking a next generation test hook and lead assembly to better meet their specific application requirements.

    Solution: E-Z-Hook designed, prototyped and manufactured a part that simultaneously fulfilled E-Z-Hook new product requirements as well as client requirements. The XMR was launched and added as a standard E-Z-Hook part. This new anti-rotational single hook provides secure connection with a narrow body design for multiple stacking and connection capabilities.

    XMR Test Hook

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    Custom Labelling:

    Client Industry: Electronic

    Requirements: Numerically stamped or marked test leads and components for identification purposes.

    Solution: E-Z-Hook can stamp leads or parts for client identification purposes. Depending on the part this can be done on heat shrink tubing or directly onto the component.

    Hot Stamp

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    Custom Design & Manufacturing:

    Client Industry: Government & Defense

    Requirements: A minimally invasive micro piercing connector that makes a mid-line connection. Upon connection device needed to remain engaged until removed.

    Solution: Leveraging our automotive macro piercing technology we designed and manufactured two micro piercing connectors with thumb screw action for secure connection.

    Micro Piercing Connectors, XEP & XEPA

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    Custom Kelvin Connector:

    Client Industry: Electronic

    Requirements: Multiple clients have requested Kelvin connectors.

    Solution: Modifying any of standard hooks allows us to created multiple types of Kelvin connectors (XH Macro Hook Kelvin connector shown).

    XH Macro Hook Kelvin

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    Custom Product:

    Client Industry: Energy

    Requirements: A non-current carrying pin to be used as an informational placeholder during high voltage testing and equipment maintenance.

    Solution: E-Z-Hook machined three different styles of plastic parts that could be used as placeholders or tags during testing and maintenance.
    Download ( PDF - 1,309kb)

    Sliding link tag out device

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